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We make professional grade sex toys designed for webcam models, performers and sex toy enthusiasts.


Our toys deliver unmatched stimulation, a dramatic visual experience, and are safe for everyday use.

I’m a sex toys inventor who will make your $*%@ing head explode!

Did you know the clitoris has legs?

Did you know that the g-spot, clitoris, labia and everything in between are actually connected by a SINGLE neurological structure that looks like this?

Your clitoris probably isn’t wearing the hat.

Ours loves hats and is ready to PARTY! Here’s why:

The greatest pleasure results when you stimulate this entire structure in the most optimal way…

…but how?

Right now, the industry likes to talk about “buzzy” vs. “rumbly” but nobody even knows what that means! We’re going to show you what it means and then propose something even better!

Our lab tests show that rumbly, penetrating vibrators stimulate more of the clitoral structure than buzzy vibrators.

Check out these two vibrators giving their best performance on a simulated vagina structure designed to test the depth of vibration.

Buzzy Vibrator Slo-mo

When slowed to 1/16th speed, you can see that buzzy vibrations stay on the surface and do not travel far enough to reach the lower labia or g-spot, resulting in a light clit tickling.

Rumbly Vibrator Slo-mo

When slowed to 1/16th speed, you can see the rumbly vibrations penetrate and travel all the way to the lower labia and g-spot, resulting in broad stimulation of the entire clitoral structure.

The “rumble” you feel is the vibrator engaging with the anatomy better and driving the waves further and deeper, stimulating more of the clitoral structure.

But, we’ve got something better than rumbly…

Auto-Rumble Technology™!

Auto-Rumble Technology™ makes our hat-wearing clitoris dance like a tuning fork!

Even rumbly vibrators still fail to stimulate the entire clitoral structure. And, if you try to use two vibrators (inside and out) the motors fight each other, sending mixed signals to the clit.

Get Ready for Something Better!

We are ready to launch our first toy borne from years of technology development and iterative user testing. We made sure cam models would love it. Now, we have a toy that EVERYONE will love.

Meet Showbunny

Showbunny uses patent-pending Auto-Rumble Technology™ to massage the ENTIRE clitoris structure with an ideal wave of purring stimulation. Showbunny delivers the most rumbly vibrations possible ALL THE TIME! Adjustable to perfectly sync with YOU. You’ve never felt anything like it!!!

Testimonials of early Pioneers who helped pave the road for my new sex toys!

“That was the first time I’ve had a clit orgasm with a vibrator inside at the same time. My clit and g-spot felt connected. It felt like I didn’t need to press it as hard.”

Sofie Marie

Cam Model and Porn Actress

“The vibration is different from anything I’ve felt before. I loved the vibrator and so did my friends. I just have one request. Please make it affordable for everyone!”

Joani Blank

Founder, Good Vibrations - The ORIGINAL Pioneer in 2013

Every time I add new users, the toy gets better. Read our blog to learn the best tips for selecting cam model sex toys or if you’d like to test my new sex toys yourself and have your opinion included in the last round for this toy, I encourage you to sign up for our Pioneer Program.

Are You a Good Fit for our Pioneer Program?

We’re opening up new frontiers in sex toys and searching for people with a pioneering spirit to help us perfect our first toy. Specifically we’re searching for professional cam models, porn stars, sexual health experts, and sex toy bloggers to help us perfect our first toy.

You might be eligible if:

  • You have a high sexual curiosity and like trying new stuff for better sex.
  • You are “in touch” with your sexuality and are totally comfortable telling us what works.
  • You have sex or masturbate a lot. We expect a lot of uses in a relatively short time.
  • You’re unafraid to tell us bad news. We’re hoping for good news!

You are an ideal candidate if:

  • You already use sex toys in your work.
  • You really want to help toys be awesome for everyone.
  • You’re excited to try new stuff and share the results in detail.
  • You’re excited to share what we have accomplished together with your friends or followers.

My Unique Mission as a Sex Toys Inventor

When I started researching sex toys, I felt the most compelling problem facing sex toy consumers was a dire lack of information to help them choose the “right” one for them. The real challenge is that everybody is shaped differently and wants something a little different.

The net result is a market flooded with 1000’s of examples of imported crap that often isn’t even safe.

The solution isn’t “more toys”, it’s “better toys”! I decided that only REALLY unique toys would solve this mess. I spent 4 years and about 10,000 hours developing the technologies to enable better toys. Now, I am ready show the world what I accomplished!

My unique background is perfect for this undertaking because I spent almost 30 years leading aerospace technology development while also inventing “fun stuff” on the side. It helps that I’m highly engaged in sex-positive communities with my wife.  I uniquely represent the intersection of curious creativity, complex yet elegant engineering, and sex.

Learn More About Sex Toy Inventions on my Blog

My Journey #3: Showbunny Launch Day

Today Showbunny launched on my website. It is a very big day for me with equal parts excitement and stress. For today, I just want to give a quick back-story on Showbunny…

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