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Applying aerospace quality, technology, and innovation to enable uniquely epic sex toys.

The solution isn’t more toys, it’s better toys!



Jeff Spitzer – My Unique Mission & Story

When I started this company, I felt the most compelling problem facing consumers was the dire lack of information that would help them choose the “right” sex toy for them.

The real challenge is that everybody is shaped differently and wants something a little different. The net result is a market flooded with 1000’s of examples of imported crap that often isn’t even safe. The solution isn’t “more toys”, it’s “better toys”!

I decided that only REALLY unique toys would solve this mess. I spent 4 years and about 10,000 hours developing the technologies to enable better toys.

My unique background is perfect for this undertaking because I spent almost 30 years leading aerospace technology development while also inventing “fun stuff” on the side. I uniquely represent the intersection of curious creativity, complex yet elegant engineering, and sex.

Now, I am starting to show the world what I accomplished!

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jeff spitzer with sex toys
jeff spitzer with sex toys

There are no common measurements to compare sex toys

The industry uses no common “measures” to compare toys except size! How is someone supposed to buy the right vibrator when they only have subjective reviews and size as a guide?!?! It’s not like its a blender or vacuum cleaner where “goodness” is well defined.

For each type of product, the existing brands mostly just make small changes to shapes and colors resulting in thousands of seemingly identical choices from hundreds of brands. Buyers are under-informed, overwhelmed and often choose poorly as a result. This leads to frequent buyer dissatisfaction and gives the entire industry a bad reputation. I am certain that “better” toys can rise above the clutter and I can name examples that certainly prove it.

So, I started thinking about what else sex toys are not doing…

Sex toys that “connect” with the user

Every person’s body is different, but not just in size and shape. They are different in how and where they want to be stimulated and the “answer” keeps changing! Is the answer to own 1,000 sex toys? No! I say the answer is to own one sex toy that accommodates 1,000 desires!

What would your BEST orgasm feel like? I am engineering the products that will let you find out.

While others are working to make products that are a prettier purple or feel slightly better, I am busy creating inventions that will make your $*%@ing head explode. Too many people have mediocre orgasms (or none) and think that it can’t get better. But where is the limit?

I want to give you the best orgasm of your life through real time customization, anatomical resonance, and modern technology.

Realistic remote interactions

Today’s “interactive” toys allow a remote user to control something simple like the vibration level or thrusting speed. A remote “control” and a remote “interaction” are NOT the same thing!

We are working on two-way solutions where users feel each other in the most realistic ways. These improved physical connections will enable realistic physical intimacy!

To create an interaction requires a shared experience. Presently, we can only share sights, sounds and some remote control. Soon, we will share TOUCH!

Aerospace safety standards applied to sex toys

I’m not lowering my standards.

In aerospace, we value only one thing above performance and that is SAFETY. If one bad part makes it through your quality checks, airplanes can crash and people can die. Safety and durability must ALWAYS be the most important consideration.

Doing things differently and shaking up the industry

With most companies, you don’t hear much about why you should care about their products. They only talk to or acknowledge you when they have new products and they want you to buy them.

My company fosters a sharing community of toy lovers and users like in my Pioneer Program. I will tell you the why behind what we are doing and how it is improving the community. I hope you are enriched and enlightened by the peeks into the tech and behind the scenes.

Follow my blog if you’d like to follow my journey and my efforts to bring scientific transparency, objective performance measures and aerospace quality standards to the sex toy industry. Or, reach out to me directly and let me know how we can foster the growth of better and safer toys for everyone. Mostly, I just want you to choose better toys for you.

Now accepting applications for our Pioneer Program

Please sign up if you’d like to help by being a Pioneer researcher in the quest for the ultimate tool for an incredible orgasm. I’m accepting 20 women to offer a limited release of the beta product. There are also a few ways that you can get free products if your input significantly helps us on our quest.

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