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Dive deep into the unseen technology and business ecosystem that brings you NEW sex toys.

XBIZ Awards 2019: New Pleasure Products Company Nominee

It is my pleasure to announce that Outplay Toys has been nominated for an XBIZ award as a New Pleasure Products Company of the Year. Finalist nominees are chosen due to outstanding achievements across the adult industry. The 2019 XBIZ awards will honor the best in the...

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The #1 Reason Why I Joined the Pioneer Program

As an adult performer and model coach, I’ve seen a lot of sex toy projects come and go. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised to discover the Outplay Showbunny. In my many years of camming, I’ve tried at least 200 sex toys! This is the story of my first time with Showbunny.

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My Journey #2: Why sex toys?

I had some good feedback from testers including Joanie Blank, the founder of Good Vibrations. Joanie and I had become friends at the very beginning of my Journey. She was in San Diego for…

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My Journey #1: Coming Out!

In October 2015, I bailed out of aerospace and decided to devote 100% of my time, energy and creativity to making better sex toys. I’m a sex toys entrepreneur.

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