What comes to mind when I say “Cam Model Sex Toys”?

Cam model Do you immediately think “interactive” or tip controlled?

Do you think intense, extreme, or fetish?

Everyone thinks of something a little different. What SHOULD sex toys for cam models have in common? Keep reading.

Let’s face it, cam models are just a small fraction of the users of any single toy…

So, most sex toys are designed with the mass market user in mind, not you! Most manufacturers don’t even care if their sex toys are good for camming!

Why does this matter? – Because cam models use their toys A LOT MORE than the mass market consumer. They also use them differently. Most of all, performers use sex toys to MAKE MONEY! The wrong toy may not work for viewers or break due to the high demands of daily performing.

In the worst case scenario, the toy may even hurt you!

Why me? – I’ve spent almost 30 years designing airplanes, engines, and many different gizmos / gadgets before deciding to put all my effort into making the world’s best sex toys. Like any good scientist, I started by studying the problem. Since cam models are big time toy users AND willing to talk about their experiences, I went to AVN, X-Biz, Adultcon, etc, and talked to LOTS of cam models. I mostly listened!

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cam model sex toys guide

My Question To Webcam Models – “How do you choose a sex toy for camming?”

I made some cam model friends who have helped me along the way and I’ve learned that it’s important the toys you use fit with what your viewers want from your show.

I sympathized with their pain of using uncomfortable toys for hours per day or having them break after only a short time. I listened to lots of awesome ideas about things like realistically wagging tails, viewer controlled bondage, or dildos that LOOK big but don’t FEEL big!

6 Questions About How Cam Models Choose Sex Toys:

  1. Why does safety matter when choosing sex toys for camming?
  2. Which sex toys do webcam viewers want to see and experience?
  3. How do you choose sex toys that are most comfortable for extended use?
  4. Is reliability a factor to consider when selecting sex toys for cam models?
  5. Which sex toys are most durable for camgirl or cam model use?
  6. Did you know webcam model sex toys are an investment and an asset?

I told the models to ask for anything 😉 The models taught me a lot.

I also heard what they didn’t say about their sex toys…

It felt like the options for “fetish” toys of all types were adequate. Leather and lace are highly advanced even from boutique manufacturers. The girls were mostly talking about toys for penetration and using vibration, sometimes both. That’s what their viewers wanted to see and what i’m mostly writing about.

I realized that the reasons for the mass market buyer to choose a sex toy and the reasons for a cam model to choose a sex toy shouldn’t be the same.

Regardless of the type of sex toy, here are the things you need to consider as a cam model:


1) Safety – “Why does safety matter when choosing a sex toy for camming?”

If you choose the wrong toy you can risk losing income and seriously hurt your body.

i love vagina signYou use it a lot. It better not hurt you even after MANY uses.

Consider this: if a sex toy is going to “hurt you”, it might hurt you IN YOUR MONEY-MAKER! Are you feeling me?

Not only will you be injured, you won’t be able to work! I am going to talk a lot about what makes toys safe in articles to follow as there are many considerations.

Materials are definitely the most important factor for vaginal or anal stimulation and materials are what other “experts” talk about most. In my opinion, there is a LOT of misinformation about sex toy materials out there in the blogosphere. I intend to clear it up in the future. But, here is a sneak peek…

It’s not about “porosity”, it’s about permeability. Only metal, glass and certain ceramics are typically considered non-permeable. EVERYTHING ELSE allows gasses (smells) to leak through. “Through” can mean in…or out. That’s your “new car smell”. It’s the smelly gases leaking out of the plastics…for months or years.

New sex toys stop smelling when 1) there is nothing making new smells and 2) all the old smell has leaked out. Do you know why your potato chip bags look like shiny silver on the inside? It’s because they have a microscopic layer of METAL on the plastic to keep the chips from getting stale! It’s a GAS BARRIER!

Learn more here if you like to read geeky stuff:

  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metallised_film
  • http://www.soarnol.com/eng/solution/solution050723.html

The non-permeable choices of stainless steel or glass will always be best for penetration toys. Otherwise, stick with silicone or hard plastics FROM A MANUFACTURER YOU TRUST! The cheap, copycat manufacturers USE INFERIOR MATERIALS because they know that YOU can’t tell the difference.

2) Show Value – “Which sex toys do webcam viewers want to see and experience?”

While the current trend is toward interactive sex toys, any toy could be best for YOU.

man amazed by cam modelYour viewers have to like it. They are choosing what they watch. You can use any toy you want on your own time.

Toys you use during your show must be: 1) Engaging for your viewers, 2) Consistent with your brand, and 3) Improving your income! Different models have very different criteria for what is engaging or consistent with their “brand”. But, we can all agree that more money is good.

For some models this might mean interactive toys that viewers can control. For others, it might mean fetish toys that make their viewers drool. Regardless, always remember that it is a show. If the viewers can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. What do you want your viewers to see/experience?

3) Comfort/Pleasure – “How do you choose sex toys that are most comfortable for extended use?”

Get creative! Don’t assume you have to use the biggest, hardest toy or highest vibration setting.

Sorry this came in third on our list. That is the reality for cam models. If your brand of fetish includes pain, maybe this doesn’t apply to you. Luckily, most viewers just want to see the model experience pleasure!

Your viewers want to see you use toys that you actually like. Think about what is going to be most pleasurable and comfortable for you to use for hours per day. Maybe stiff/hard dildos make it easiest for you to orgasm. Great. But, do you want to use the hard one all day? Could you?

Maybe a softer (or smaller) dildo would be a better choice for the show. You might have to “work” harder to get off. But, that really isn’t a problem compared to being uncomfortable hours or days later. Maybe plug your Magic Wand into a speed controller. The speed control can be out of sight and the viewer will still “see what they want to see”.

Remember to consider hand fatigue as a source of problems as well.

Sex toys that require you to contort your hand or wrist to get the action you want are NOT going to be comfortable for regular or extended use. Neither are vibrators that require a hard push to get proper stimulation (I’m talking to you, Magic Wand) or buzz your fingers. If you’re show features thrusting, find a toy that is comfortable for you to hold AND keeps your hand out of the way of the camera.

There is a lot to consider. You have many options to improve your comfort and pleasure without negatively impacting the show if you plan ahead and get a little creative.

4) Reliability – “Is reliability a factor to consider when selecting sex toys for cam models?”

For your webcam show to flow smoothly, you need sex toys you can trust to perform.

cam model excited by sex toysYou showed up for work, your toy should too. Think of reliability like “predictability”. You don’t want any surprises in your show. You should feel confident that the toy will keep working when it is supposed to.

You should also know that it will do what you ask. Are the buttons simple and obvious? Or, will you get distracted trying to remember how many times you pushed the multi-function single button?

Think about how much battery life you need. Do you need a spare/backup toy within easy reach to finish the show? Another consideration is dropouts and disconnects on bluetooth toys. Thighs are GREAT for blocking bluetooth radio waves. Make sure your connected toy works reliably in the positions you want to use in your show…unless you like faking better.

Bottom line: If the toy doesn’t do what you expect every time, you probably shouldn’t use it in your show. It messes up your flow.

5) Durability – “Which sex toys are most durable for camgirl or cam model use?”

Only time will tell, proven designs from quality brands earned their reputation for a reason.

The toy should last a long time even though you use it a lot. I’ve heard differing opinions regarding how big this problem is. Some models claim to burn up several Original Magic Wands each year. Other models claim that their “luxury” toys last for years. I think the truth is somewhere in the middle.

In general, you get what you pay for. Never buy no-name toys or knockoffs!!!

They won’t last and they could be dangerous. Don’t trust Amazon reviews! You are not the typical Amazon customer. That crap is for amateurs!

The toys from reputable brands really are made much sturdier and will last much longer (better toys for professional cam models).

Do your research. Use trusted sex toy reviewers like heyepiphora.com – where sex toys go to be judged. They will tell you which brands you can trust to be durable.

You may also consider using this useful list of top sex bloggers to find trusted reviews.

Sex toy durability always starts with materials and luckily the “safe” materials listed above are also the most durable. You can’t beat the durability of stainless steel or glass. And, high quality silicone and hard plastics can last a lifetime too.

For rechargeable toys, the useful life is typically determined by the battery. Every time you recharge it, you lose a little battery capacity. If you “run it all the way down” each time, you will only get a few hundred recharge cycles before it starts to have shitty battery life. The battery life also “goes off a cliff” where, once it starts to go bad, using it a lot makes it get worse MUCH FASTER. So, don’t expect it to last more than about a year. As long as nothing else breaks or flakes off you probably did the best you could.

Toys that break or flake deserve the bad reputation they get. Its up to you to seek out reliable reviews instead of buying some unknown toy and being disappointed when it fails.

6) Dollar Value – “Did you know webcam model sex toys are an investment and an asset?”

Sex toys are an important tool to make money in webcams. It’s just good business.

webcam model girl choosing right sex toyIf you think I’m going to list “the best value” cam model sex toys now, you are wrong. There is no “right answer” here.

I just want to encourage you to think like the business owner you are! For models and performers, a sex toy is an investment (yes, you should deduct the cost on your taxes).

The goal is viewer satisfaction which can only be measured as MORE INCOME! If you spend $30 on a “typical” toy and your income doesn’t go up, you wasted $30. If you spend $600 on a fucking machine and make it back in one day (or even one month) then you got a free fucking machine that will likely keep paying you! In business, we call that an ASSET!


Answer – What makes a sex toy best for cam models?

A safe toy that earns the most money!

Every cam model is different in their size, shape, desired stimulation, and show theme. So yes, there are needs for many different toys. But what if you don’t know what you like or what “fits” you?

Are you supposed to buy 1000 toys to find the one that works for you? Who can afford that? How do you know that the toy you buy will be safe, durable, comfortable, and add value to your show? I will address specific types of toys and more considerations in future articles…

For now, what if there was an infinitely adjustable, highly visual, totally safe, highly durable, Lovense connected sex toy that also gave epic orgasms effortlessly? Too good to be true? I have a surprise for you!

We are preparing to launch our first toy designed specifically with cam models in mind…

and it IS all of those things!

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Still have questions on cam model sex toys? Contact me I hope I can answer all of them!

Agree or disagree? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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