“Hey everyone, I’m making sex toys!!!”

In October 2015, I bailed out of aerospace and decided to devote 100% of my time, energy and creativity to making better sex toys. I’m a sex toys entrepreneur.

The Journey section of my blog will share what it is like to BE a sex toys entrepreneur. What path has led me here? What lies ahead? How do I “find” and deliver valuable innovations? If you want to learn the answers to all of these as much as I do, please follow the journey of my blog. Read on to begin…



When I decided to go full time, I decided that my best path to revenue would be licensing. I am good (and quick) at developing innovations (whether or not they are valuable). I had been to multiple sex toy conventions and met A LOT of manufacturers who were hungry for any type of true innovation that would differentiate them from the hundreds or thousands of nearly identical products on the market.

I was confident that I could develop the valuable technologies that the major brands wanted to license and use. I had also made some friends in the business.

The other reason I chose a licensing path for my startup was because I wanted to avoid being publicly associated with my business. I wanted to “fly under the radar”. I was clinging to the fear that I might need to “fall back” to designing military aircraft.

When I realized that the licensing model, as a business model, didn’t meet my personal and financial goals, I had to reconsider launching my own brand. I had to be willing to “burn the safety net” of maintaining a low profile. I still expect that having a business in sex toys will disqualify me from working in my former profession. I had to go “all-in”. So, I did.


Jeff’s Brand

Only a strong brand allows me the freedom to deliver MY VISION for sex toys all the way through to the user. Strong brands have strong identities…defined by the founders.

As the founder of my brand, its identity is ME. It has a new name and a slightly different look. Mostly, my brand reflects my values.


My Mission:

“If my customers understand the product and don’t think it is amazing, I have failed.”

I’m not offering “better” products. I disrupt sex toy categories by creating value in previously undiscovered ways. The product is absurdly durable and always safe to use.


What defines Success?:

Deliver products that people will talk about…a lot. Make each new toy truly awesome from the customer’s perspective (design and durability). Give users new types and levels of pleasure unlike any they have experienced before. Why? Because it is fun!

Why do I want people talking? Publicity for my toys is great, of course. But, it’s equally important to me that people get information that better toys exist (and which ones they are) so they can stop buying so many crappy toys!!! I am astounded at how many REALLY crappy toys are consumed annually. Those toys are a waste of money and often just take up space in your nightstand before taking up space in a landfill!

Ultimately, I will only know I am successful when customers tell me so. That is why it is so important to me to build a community of collaborators like my Pioneer Program. I also look forward to engaging with the widest possible communities through my blog.


My key differentiators:

I bring aerospace tech to sex toys. I’ve spent years “tinkering” with bits of technology that could be applied to sex toys. I studied what was already working and where there were opportunities for improvement. Eventually, I was able to move past the details of motors and silicone and just engage with what it means for a sex toy to be super fun. That has been the best part! Today:

  • I see my challenge as an artistic endeavor. I discover what is previously undiscovered and apply my ability to making it real and affordable.
  • I have an absurd amount of passion for what I am doing. I REALLY love the challenge of connecting with people through toys.
  • I have an awesome network of sex positive people who help me with testing.
  • I know the startup gig and I’m up for it.


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