Today Showbunny launched on my website.

It is a very big day for me with equal parts excitement and stress.

I still have lots to share about the specifics of the journey. For today, I just want to give a quick back-story on Showbunny.

Most product innovations come from the process known as Research and Development or R&D.

However, the direction or goals for R&D typically come from two sources. Marketing and basic research.

The marketing approach is obvious and most often used. Look at what others are doing. Look at what customers think they want. Give customers what they think they want. From that logic, you can write a specification for the product prior to any design work.

Basic research asks a different question. What are people NOT doing? What fundamental elements do we not understand about the product or user? What is it that people want without knowing? From that logic you can only experiment and observe things you do not already know.

Showbunny was borne of extensive basic research into cam model sex toys, what makes vibrators good, and how they could be better for everyone. I hope you like it!

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