Life is full of twists, turns, and uncertain futures…

My friend Sofie Marie and Showbunny at XBIZ 2018

As we learn more, we are forced to adapt.

One definition of living is, literally, the process of adapting to life’s twists and turns

Life is no different for a startup. A startup is like a teenager. They think they know which direction they are going, but they are lacking experience regarding how things “really go” in uncharted waters. They are learning as they go.

Showbunny is a teenager too, learning as we go. Being successful means responding to life’s twist and turns in a way that has a positive outcome.

Ideally, the actual outcome is even better than the misguided expectations. 🙂


Showbunny Status

We had a great time sharing Showbunny beta with everyone at the trade shows and other meetings. The response of those who have held or played with Showbunny has been 100% positive.

When someone holds a running Showbunny and plays with the adjustability, their eyes light up. They get a sense of “damn, this feels REALLY cool AND I can adjust it to fit me!” Sex toy experts of all types are eager to try it. I’m not just talking about users. I had a fantastic response from other sex toy manufacturers and people who know what makes a great toy. No one said “it’s just another vibrator” or suggested that it was less than revolutionary. That makes me really happy!

Challenges still exist. We knew it would be a challenge to ensure Showbunny met our high standards at the beta stage. We met our standards. But now cost and schedule dictates that we will sell less beta units than previously planned. Life would be so much easier if we were “doing it like everyone else”. But, we’re not.

We are following our own path to excellence. The struggle makes us stronger, right?


Experiences at the Trade Shows

I wish I had more time to write about my awesome experiences at X-biz and AVN. I went to the full schedule of both shows and attended my first AVN awards with my friend Sofie Marie who was nominated for an AVN award as Favorite Indie Clip Star. We had a blast and spent the week on “Maui time”.


I met a freelance reporter named Lily Campbell at X-biz. We had known each other about 2 minutes when she said “can I shoot an interview video with you?”. I agreed and we set off trying to find a semi-quiet and well lit space. We came upon this empty conference room and did a single video take.

Here is the interview and 1 minute video from XBIZ:

I love the interview. 🙂

Another highlight was meeting all the performers at the shows and asking them to evaluate Showbunny. “Oh wow” was the most commonly uttered phrase when I put it in their hands, followed by a knowing smile. The best reaction came from Sizi Sev. She decided she had to push it onto her vulva and she had the appropriate response.

Sizi Sev Experiences Showbunny at AVN 

I’m such a dork. After I shot that video, she decided to get on the ground and have an orgasm. But, instead of recording video of that part I was helping her adjust it so she had the best time. Maybe I’m just too nice. 😉 It was very entertaining for those who were watching.

The last highlight of the shows was the different roles I played. Most of the time, I was “selling” showbunny. That means that I act and think a certain way. But, I was also able to attend “as a performer” by living vicariously through Sofie Marie and our other friends.

I went for a short time as a “fan” by allowing myself to experience it from their point of view (since I’m really not a “fan” IRL). I also sat for a while and contemplated the show itself including the demographics of the attendees and organization and flow of the show.

Mostly, the shows convinced me that I need to stop talking about Showbunny and get more people using Showbunny SOONER!

Only USERS know how freakin awesome it is…

We are Giving Away 20 Showbunnys!

We are giving away 20 Showbunnys to Pioneers complete with the Ambi vibe. Its not first come, first served. It is not a “contest”. We are giving them away to Pioneers who really understand that we are trying to build something great and different. I’m not just talking about the business or the epic toys.

We are trying to build a community of people who really care about the need for better, safer toys and are motivated to help. We are only interested in relationships that are based on shared values.

I’m confident that by following up on meetings at the X-biz and AVN conventions, I will have no problem finding enthusiastic Pioneers. There are already a few of the 20 Showbunnys that are on their way to really awesome people. But, building these personal relationships is not my strong suit. I really like meeting and getting to know new people. But, I’m too much of a science nerd to really “relate” to cam models easily.


Adding a Community Manager

The best solution is to just find the right Community Manager who makes it MORE awesome than if I did it myself. 🙂 That has been my highest priority since the trade shows. We are literally days away from announcing a change.

I feel like I have found someone who can take the wheel and make the Pioneer community awesome for everyone! She will make sure the Pioneers get the support they need where I just wouldn’t have the time or correct approach. She will also help us spread the word that better sex toys for cam models translates to better sex toys for everyone.

Overall, everything is moving in the right direction. But, it is never a straight line.

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