I have in my hand a brand new high-tech prototype of the greatest sex toy ever made, the Showbunny, which we will be manufacturing soon!

Its simple, sleek, two-color design represents thousands of hours of research into making the perfect orgasm.

It’s a massive step up from the Showbunny beta you’ve seen us testing, which is superb in function, but leaves a lot of room for improvement in design.

Showbunny is growing into an adult!

I’m such a proud parent.

Please read on as I explain how Showbunny is growing out of its adolescence stage into an even more amazing product.

If you are interested in starting at the beginning of my story, please read Journey #1


Showbunny keeps growing and improving.

The Showbunny story has all the elements of a great movie. There are strong characters, lots of drama, it’s emotionally powerful, and compelling.

At the core, it is a “coming of age” movie.

The main character, Showbunny wanted to be different. Showbunny wanted to dance!

Showbunny had to work very hard and practice a lot to learn to dance. Plus, Showbunny didn’t want to dance like anyone else. Showbunny wanted to craft its own style of dance. We all need to earn a living. Showbunny wants to get paid to dance. Would people pay to see Showbunny dance?

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Our dance partners have been essential.

Sydney Paige, Pioneer, Demoing Showbunny

Luckily, we have had Pioneers helping us – these professional cam girls are experts in orgasms and give us real feedback from their own experiences with Showbunny.

Pioneers told us how bad our dancing was…so we could improve. They also told us that we were entertaining them in unexpected ways and that the stimulation they felt during the dance was AMAZING! “Do more of that, please”. Showbunny learned to be a very stimulating dancer!

Still, people don’t want to hang out with Showbunny as a teenager. Showbunny beta is immature. It is unrefined. It’s clumsy and hard to look at.

Sometimes the journey can feel overwhelming. In our story, Showbunny is sometimes mortally wounded. Sometimes it seems like Showbunny has even lost its will to keep trying. We cheer for the protagonist. “Get up…keep going!”

“Showbunny Lives!”

Right now, nobody reading this has any idea of the significance of that phrase. Nor should they.

To me, it is the most important refrain of my life.


The story WILL end with the greatest sex toy ever made.

Why am I telling you all of this?

For the past 7 months, while you have been watching one plot line and trying out the beta version, we have been developing the production version.

Today, I am holding Showbunny, the adult, in my hand. It is a beautiful butterfly with flowing lines and engaging coloration. It floats effortlessly as it dances its own style of dance. It is approachable, friendly, and mature. I can’t show you yet. But, I know you’re going to love it!

In my search for “what is better”, I don’t celebrate much.

There is always the next hurdle and, the story’s end is still undetermined. There is little time for celebration. Occasionally, though, Showbunny has a really big win. When that happens, I celebrate in a dorky way that nobody ever sees. I hold Showbunny high in the air, vibrating of course, like an offering to the gods. I proclaim loudly “Showbunny Lives!” …Then I get back to work.

Stay tuned for Journey #6!


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