The Sex Toys Inventor team was out in the models universe!

We attended CamCon 2018 and XBIZ in Miami on our mission to learn the future of sex toys!


We are super excited by the first reaction to Showbunny from Cam Models that we met. We also had the pleasure of reconnecting with those who had experienced our new vibrator before. We connected with models about the need for better sex toys and confirmed that our process to invent better sex toys is working. We have lots to share!

Hope you enjoy our our team’s highlights, photo gallery, the 2018 Camcon official schedule, and an AWESOME SFW recap video by the one and only Loli Cam.




We LOVED CamCon 2018! by Jeff Spitzer

We had the chance to meet our new Sexpert Pioneers and while I knew they were awesome from the selection process, there is no substitute for actually hanging out one-on-one and chatting. We talked about Showbunny a little. But, we actually spent most of our time talking about everything else. I feel like we all made some awesome new friends. I really want our Pioneer Program to feel like a community. Its working!

The best highlight of Miami was watching our Pioneer Program manager, Loli Cam, work her magic of connecting with the model community as an advocate and trusted friend.

Loli made Miami productive and fun for me, our Pioneers, and everyone who was lucky enough to meet her. Loli is a prized asset!

“The reaction from the camily to Showbunny was amazing. It was great to see how the models played and interacted with the toy after we handed it to them.”

– Loli Cam, Pioneer Program Manager

OMG did the models love Showbunny!

We kind of knew that already from AVN and X-BIZ LA. But, it was a different vibe this time since we now have models using it on cam and loving it…

Putting Showbunny into someone’s hand and seeing their eyes light up with the look of “holy shit, that would feel REALLY GOOD in my vagina” never gets old. 🙂

We recorded some great footage and even some unexpected NSFW experiences of models having a REALLY good time with Showbunny.

Can’t wait any longer? Here is our recap video from the event. Enjoy!


Our CamCon 2018 Recap Video (SFW)


People are starting to know the Outplay brand! I don’t mean they have heard the name. I mean that they understand that Outplay means the intersection of new toy tech and model community involvement.

The industry is seeing first hand how the Pioneer Program actually works to create awesome new toys that are good enough for models. They want to get involved and help. That is a super rewarding feeling!

We are also very excited to have supported our Pioneer Chrissy LeBlanc in her XBIZ Cam Award nomination for Best Clip Artist Duo with Myperfectharem!!

If you are cam model who also wants to get involved, please learn more about the Pioneer Program.

Finally, there are just a ton of great people in this industry. I think the relatively small size and the public stigma that exists (mostly as hypocrisy) tends to drive people in adult businesses to band together. This has been apparent since I arrived on the scene. Now, having hung out with them for a while (many years and LOTS of parties), I’m even more convinced that the majority of performers and members of the industry, are just REALLY good people doing a difficult job in spite of the challenges.

And, like me, they really enjoy what they do.

I hope you enjoy a few of our favorite photos from the event. We will be posting more interviews and content in the future!


2018 CamCon & XBIZ Event Photo Gallery


About CamCon 2018 & XBIZ MIAMI

Presented by Chaturbate, the XBIZ Miami event exists to take a look at new opportunities in adult entertainment, making it a perfect setting for us to unveil our first Outplay Pioneers testing the latest version of Showbunny. This year features an expanded lineup of educational, networking, and special events in an entirely exclusive setting.

This was the 5th annual worldwide conference for the model industry and described by as “Pretty girls + tech = New kinds of kinky stuff for the internet”.  It featured some of the industry’s brightest individuals on exclusive educational panels where attendees can touch on a variety of subjects in workshops presented by the best of the best.

There were many ways to also have fun while networking! From the neon night swim soirees, industry day pool parties, model lounges, onesie parties, fan days, model dinners, and the world famous closing party, there are a million reasons to attend in the future.

While at the event, we learned as much as we could from all Cam Models to help guide us in our quest for the ultimate sex toys for camming. The more we learn, the better our new sex toys get. Thanks to positive communities like XBIZ and CamCon, we have a world of opportunity to continue learning from all professionals in adult entertainment. Plus it gave us a chance to interact one-on-one with our awesome Pioneer Program sexperts.

We were Featured at the New Tech On The Block Showcase at XBIZ Miami 2018!

This special session was an XBIZ Miami first, delivering a detailed look at the newest technology being embraced by the industry as well as the prospects for the industry’s future. From an alphabet soup of interactivity including AR/MR/VR, to the newest cam show enhancing haptics and more, if it’s new and hot in adult tech, you’ll have learned about it here.

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We Had Snapchat Model Takeovers!

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Visit this website or scan the yellow code.

In our takeovers you can spend a day in the life of one of our Pioneers. Get to know them on a more personal level and see what they see and do what they do. Each takeover will be from a different perspective. Catch a glimpse of what it’s like to walk in one of our Pioneer’s shoes for the day. Our Miami takeovers gave behind the scenes access to the most exclusive events XBIZ and CamCon have to offer.

Takeovers were by: Chrissy LeBlanc, Freak77Show, Loli Cam, Sydney Paige. Dave Dixon. Jeff – Sex Toys Inventor. SammyStrips

Model interviews and snapchat recaps coming soon!


XBIZ MIAMI 2018 Event Types

  • Models Only Speed Networking
  • Poolside Networking
  • Mix & Meet Market with complimentary cocktails
  • Executive cocktail receptions
  • Happy Hour gatherings

See the full XBIX Miami Event Schedule

CamCon 2018 Schedule

Click to enlarge the image and see the full schedule for Tuesday, May 29th – Friday, June 1st.


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