About Outplay

The Outplay brand encompasses all of the values of our founder, Jeff Spitzer. This is an industry devoted to fun. We play by the rules. We also play to win. We Outplay the competition.

Our mission:

We sell products that are safe, durable, unique and fun. We’re not offering “better” products. We disrupt categories by creating value in previously undiscovered ways. Users love our products and think they are amazing or we have failed.


Our goal:

To become the most recognized brand in sex toys. This is assessed by asking a random sample of citizens to name 5 sex toy brands. Outplay should be mentioned most.



Produce products that people talk about…a lot. It literally doesn’t matter how “good” or “pretty” the product is unless lots of people agree enough to share it with their friends or followers.


Our key differentiators:

We see sex toys as an artistic endeavor. We discover what is previously undiscovered and apply whatever technology it takes to make it real and affordable.

We bring aerospace technology to sex toys. That means deep learning and first principles mastery. Jeff Spitzer has studied and experimented to become the world’s leading expert on the interaction between vibrators and their user.

We are transparent and tell our customers as much as possible about the products including materials and processes used, sources of supply and safety protocols.

We are passionate about bringing positive change to the world of sex toys and REALLY love the challenge of connecting with people through toys!


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