Pioneer Program Details

Like to try new sex toys? You are in the right place!

Are you a sex toys expert or adult professional with a strong opinion? We are searching for women with a pioneering spirit to join our exclusive program!


Join our exclusive community!

We are searching for women who are ready to get down and dirty with our products.

This program is your chance to show off your sexpertise and sex toy knowledge. We want adult professionals to help us test that our toys will work as hard as you do!

To create new sex toys that will literally blow your mind, we need to test them in real world sexy scenarios. We’ve already done numerous tests to make sure our patent-pending technology feels really amazing. Help us research using your knowledge.

Your opinion greatly matters to us! Thanks to your help in the program, women will get the most fulfilling experience, that you will help create for them!

We always need new Pioneers!

First impressions matter. As we mature the toys, we need testers who have never seen it before.

Be Different.

Apply to join this exclusive community of Pioneers to find a unique way to stand out of the crowd, be different, and get more traffic to your shows in this positive, supportive and mutually beneficial program. It’s fun, friendly and exciting. But there are many other program benefits…

Expert Recognition

Your opinion matters as a sexpert to make our toys even better!

Brand Exposure

We will assist with your adult and mainstream marketing efforts.

We Will Promote You

More awareness of your webcam brand and media channels!

Tradeshow Events

Join us at upcoming events to help us learn more from others.

Exclusive Insights

Get toys before other models and make them your own brand.

Business Experience

Receive valuable experience in marketing & social promotions.

Your Opinion Matters.

We need you to give it a try and make it perfect!

Without the opinions of many Sexperts, our professional sex toys for cam models and sex toy enthusiasts will not have the same WOW effect. We NEED your help and we will choose the best applications from all types of models.

Apply For Access To New Sex Toys!

We’re asking for your best professional opinion so future women will get the most fulfilling experience from the final product that you help create for them!

Pioneer Program Details

What is a pioneer?

They are models helping to create the holy grail of sex toys, making it their own, and perfect to their body!

A Pioneer is not a sex toy tester. As a pioneer you are helping on development to perfect future sex toys that are not on the market!

I’m a male engineer and I want to combine my theoretical knowledge with the advanced practical knowledge gained by cam models to create a toy that all women will love. Webcam model’s tests and opinions assure a positive result for toys that have never been created.

Research with us to explore and test the boundaries of sexuality and make online interactive sex feel almost real.

Why adult performers?

Adult performers know best, since they use toys the most often for longer periods of time.

We have done tests with toy lovers already. But we have big plans to really blow people’s minds and we need a reliable group of experts! Adult performers can use sex toys almost every day and have become the best people to ask when it comes to sex toys. Synergy between science and the female sexual pleasure experience will offer the best toy ever made. This is the success key and why it’s so important for us to get opinions of the best models.

“If we can make the perfect adult performer toy, everyone will love it!”

What are the benefits?

Make it your own – Have you ever dreamed to create the perfect sex toy for your body? As a pioneer, you get the opportunity to make it happen. Collaborate with our expert resources in science and cam model training.

Free interactive device – Get interactive toys and technology that only a few models are going to have access to.

Be unique – Stand out of the crowd to get more viewers and make more money.

A lot of exposure – Be one of the experts that contribute to the development of our product to get adult and mainstream advertising, online & offline advertising, search engine marketing, email marketing and social media marketing. Free promotions and exclusive contests. You will have the chance to participate in a viral marketing campaign (“beta” program Models)

Work experience – Add our program to your adult industry resume and show your expertise to the world.

Events & trade show – Chance to join us at adult industry and mainstream events. FREE Tech and customer support to help the toys impact your show, content and life! Future brand ambassador and commissioned affiliate seller opportunities.

Do the products include a warranty?

The beta products DO NOT include a warranty of any type. Instead, we intend to send upgrades, or even new toys, as Pioneer feedback helps us to “perfect” the toy. Only Pioneers who are actively helping the toy improve and/or helping us promote the toy will be eligible for upgrades. Upgrades and new toys are provided at our sole discretion.

If I am testing beta products, what happens if something breaks?

“Beta” products sometimes break or have issues. We will never intentionally send you something defective or dangerous. We will be improving quickly and sending upgrades to all the Pioneers who are helping us.

If the toy is so awesome, why do you still need help?

Think of it like this: We are taking a class. We’ve done really well on every test so far. We will surely pass the class even if we bomb the final. We’re not satisfied with “passing grades”. We want an A+. You’re our tutor to help us nail the final test. We are already working on our next release and are looking to add more early Pioneers.

Will my personal information be kept safe?
We use industry standards to maintain participant confidentiality even if a participant is no longer active or has been terminated.
What do I need to become a pioneer?
There are many different types of personalities and no one will like the same things, so we need a variety of people to create perfection. All applications will be considered. But we are only selecting 20 women for this round. Some of the criteria that we may consider during the selection process:






  • You are a sexpert, experienced and knowledgeable about sex toys.
  • You have a high sexuality, curiosity, have tried many toys, and want to try new stuff for better sex.
  • You are a cam model and already using interactive sex toys.
  • You are a cam model and you are using vaginal toys to create the interaction.
  • You are “in touch” with your sexuality and are totally comfortable telling us what works and what is not working.
  • You have masturbated a lot using sex toys. (we will need you to use the device in a lot of uses over a relatively short time to be able to give us your expert opinion)
  • You don’t mind exposing yourself on webcam or in a video using a sex toy.
  • You’re unafraid to tell us bad news. We’re hoping for good news!
  • You already use sex toys in your work.
  • You really want to help toys be awesome for everyone.

MOST IMPORTANTLY – You’re excited to try new stuff and share the results in detail!

What do I need to provide as a pioneer?

Depending on your skills and expertise we may ask you for:


  • Time – We want you to test the toy, use it a lot, and tell us how we can improve the toy.
  • Trials – We want to see how the toy is working for you and how we can make it better for you and your viewers. Show us on videos, photos, or even live on cam.
  • Opinions and Reviews – Provide testimonials on your experience, first impressions and user instructions.

Everybody wins. You and your viewers!

We design our products with both the model and the viewer in mind. Everybody wins when the interaction is actually BETTER! Your viewers will SEE how the toy is giving you intense pleasure and a better orgasm! You also have the option of letting them control it.

Either way, we will be blowing people’s minds!

Apply To Get Started As A Sex Toy Pioneer

Please sign up if you’d like to help by being a Pioneer researcher. We’re on a quest for the ultimate new products that will be your tools for incredible orgasms. I’m accepting 20 women to receive a limited release of the beta launch product. By really helping us on our quest, you can continue to get new products and upgrades sent to you absolutely free.

We want people who are ready to get down to business and help create a new frontier in sex toys!

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