Pioneer Program Details

Like to try new sex toys? You are in the right place!

We are now opening up new frontiers in sex toys and are searching for people with a pioneering spirit to join our program.

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Why Cam Models?

We want professional cam models that are ready to make more money and are serious about increasing their following. As a webcam model you have specific needs like durability, safety, visual appeal, less fatigue, and more!

To create new sex toys that will literally blow your mind, we need to test them in real world scenarios. We’ve already done numerous tests to make sure our patent-pending technology feels really amazing. It’s also visually amazing for your viewers!

We’re asking for your professional opinion so future buyers will get the most fulfilling experience that you help create for them!

What are the Benefits?

You will be joining an exclusive community of Pioneers that is a positive, supportive and mutually beneficial program. It’s fun, friendly and exciting. I know, because there are already Pioneers in the program!

Only You Will Have One

Try awesome, unique toys and you don’t even pay full price!

Your Fans Will Love It

Better visual experiences for all of your cam viewers!

We Will Promote You

More awareness of your webcam brand and media channels!

Built for Everyday Use

Our sex toys are built to be durable, safe, and reliable. We pair aerospace technology with medical grade materials and quality controls to make professional sex toys for cam models and sex toy enthusiasts.

Our toys work as hard as you do!

Join For Access To New Sex Toys!

We’re asking for your professional opinion so future buyers will get the most fulfilling experience from the final product that you help create for them!

Pioneer Program Details

What is the ideal Pioneer experience?


    1. We get to know each other a bit so we both understand how we can help each other.
    2. We send to you a free toy that you AND your fans love.
    3. You are one of the few people in the world who have anything like it.
    4. You promote your content using the uniquely entertaining toy. This leads to more viewers, site visitors and income.
    5. We help you edit and produce videos that your viewers love. You sell these videos on your own site, clip sites, or wherever you want.
    6. You make short promotional videos that specifically highlight the toy. These videos are free for everyone who visits your site. We get a royalty-free license to use the promotional videos in our future marketing. You take suggestions about the promotional videos so we get what we need.
    7. We link our website marketing and print/online instructions to your promotional videos for demonstration purposes.
    8. Our prospects visit your page to watch the promotional videos and they learn about your other products in the process. We do not host your content or charge in any sale of your content.
    9. We love you so much we include you in our future “beta” programs.
    10. You love us because you have increased your income every time we do.


How do we help Pioneers in the program?

We are committed to helping our Pioneers through:


  • Video editing at no charge to help you make top selling Showbunny clips.
  • Referral links to your content that will help generate sales for you.
  • Tech and customer support to help the toys impact your show, content and life!
  • Future brand ambassador and commissioned affiliate seller opportunities.
How much do the sex toys cost and how do I get free stuff?

Approved Pioneers get free “beta” test products well before public release. Beta products have no warranty but include unlimited upgrades for active Pioneers.


The more you help, the more you get. Here are examples of feedback we love!

  • Have conversations with us to tell us how we can improve the toy.
  • Provide testimonials on your experience (video preferred).
  • Help with marketing messages, first impressions, and user instructions.
  • Create visual content that is available for internet users at no cost.
    • First time experience explainer video (not adult content).
    • Webcam highlights reel.
    • Photos using the toy.

You can earn*:

  • Unlimited upgrades to your toys – We want you to showcase the best we have!
  • Personalized customer service to make sure the toy is working in your show.
  • Free toys that nobody has ever seen – If we love your feedback, we’ll send you lots of free stuff.

* All upgrades and support are subject to the terms & conditions of the program and based on the quality of your participation.

If I am testing beta products, what happens if something breaks?

“Beta” products sometimes break or have issues. We will never intentionally send you something defective or dangerous. We will be improving quickly and sending upgrades to all the Pioneers who are helping us.


Please don’t sign up if you’re expecting perfection in the first round. Also, please don’t sign up if you think this is some sort of scam or plan to sell you crappy toys. We only want people who actually “get” what we are trying to do.

Do the products include a warranty?

The beta products DO NOT include a warranty of any type. Instead, we intend to send upgrades, or even new toys, as Pioneer feedback helps us to “perfect” the toy. Only Pioneers who are actively helping the toy improve and/or helping us promote the toy will be eligible for upgrades. Upgrades and new toys are provided at our sole discretion.


If the toy is so awesome, why do you still need help?

Think of it like this: We are taking a class. We’ve done really well on every test so far. We will surely pass the class even if we bomb the final. We’re not satisfied with “passing grades”. We want an A+. You’re our tutor to help us nail the final test.

We are already working on our next release and are looking to add more early Pioneers.

Will my information be kept safe?

We use industry standards to maintain participant confidentiality even if a participant is no longer active or has been terminated.


Any feedback or media provided to us become our property to use as promotional or educational materials. We will not associate or credit the participant or any other person appearing in any feedback or media except by written agreement. Participants are welcome to watermark their submissions with their name, brand or URL although clean submissions will be favored for our promotional videos. Aeromaster Innovations Inc. will own all rights, including without limitation, all copyrights and rights of publicity.

Everybody wins. You and your viewers!

All our products are designed with both the model and the viewer in mind. Your viewers will SEE how the toy is giving you intense pleasure and a better orgasm! You also have the option of letting them control it.

Either way, they will be coming back for more.

We’re turning conventional rabbits
on their head.

I’m a rabbit hater! They just don’t fit. They throw off a mish-mash of stimulation and rarely give you the magical feeling you really want. Plus, they take way too much effort to maneuver around “just right”.

Get ready for the solution!

Sign Up To Get Started As A Sex Toy Pioneer

Please sign up if you’d like to help by being a Pioneer researcher. We’re on a quest for the ultimate new products that will be your tools for incredible orgasms. I’m accepting 20 women to receive a limited release of the beta launch product. By really helping us on our quest, you can continue to get new products and upgrades sent to you absolutely free.

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