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The vibrator, re-imagined!™

Showbunny uses patent-pending Auto-Rumble Technology™ to deliver the most rumbly vibrations possible ALL THE TIME! Adjustable to perfectly sync with YOU. You’ve never felt anything like it!!!

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SKU: SB-001

What's so special?

Click the other tabs to “see it in action” including 18+ NSFW content.

With my new universal Vibrator Feel Comparator, you can see that Showbunny is fully engaging the entire clitoral structure. The powerful vibrations are synchronized both inside and out for an amazing orgasm.

Most rumbly, least effort, best orgasms!


Auto-Rumble Technology™

  • A purring wave of stimulation engulfs ALL your favorite spots in perfect harmony.
  • Technologically superior to even the most rumbly vibrators.
  • Always rumbly, even if you don’t push!



Infinitely adjustable for your pleasure and comfort

  • Adjusts in seconds to fit any body, any mood.
  • “Just the tip” or penetrate deeply? Over, under, or beside your clit? What do YOU like?
  • Adjust it during play…because there isn’t just one right answer!



More stimulation AND a more visual experience

  • Choose any power level you like. Then, let the Auto-Rumble™ technology deliver consistently rumbly vibrations.
  • Even light contact with your body can deliver intense stimulation.
  • What if you like pushing? Push harder and Showbunny will deliver EVEN MORE power.


Showbunny Beta uses Lovense power and interface

  • Bluetooth connected with proven remote interactive functionality.
  • Control the vibe with your phone or over the internet.
  • Proven durability and dependability.
  • Lovense Ambi Vibrator included.



Bonus! An infinitely adjustable handle!

  • Included grip ring greatly improves your hand comfort and leverage…even with lots of lube!
  • Position the grip ring at the angle that works for you, anywhere along the shaft!
  • Move it as often as you like.


The effortless orgasm can be yours. Order now.

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*Lovense and Ambi are trademarks of HYTTO LTD

What's in the box?

Items Included with pre-order purchase:

  • Our Patent Pending vibrator attachment turns your Lovense Ambi vibrator* into a Showbunny! (Beta Model)
  • Bonus grip ring enables truly effortless orgasms!


*Lovense and Ambi are trademarks of HYTTO LTD

Wanna see it in action?

Watch videos and click the image links to visit our contributor sites and see Showbunny “in the flesh”. 18+ Only! (NSFW)

Pioneers Freak7_7Show use Showbunny on Webcam

Click on each video preview to watch the NSFW content of our Pioneers enjoying Showbunny.


Showbunny makes Sofie Marie’s eyes water on webcam

showbunny demo with sofie marie

Janeece Experiences Showbunny

1 Minute Inventor Demo from XBIZ

Read the full review on steemit

Sizi Sev Experiences Showbunny at AVN

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Why pre-order?

The best vibrator in the world will be sold in small quantities initially. Do you want or need a vibrator that simply feels better than everything else? Get on our list if you can’t wait for the full release to have your best orgasm ever!

2 reviews for Showbunny Vibrator | Pre-Order

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I love Showbunny. I have multiple toys but none of them was able to fulfill all my needs. Showbunny stimulates both of my hot spots inside and outside giving me maximum pleasure. I also discovered I can use it hands free while I give my husband a blow job pleasing him while I enjoy myself. It is like having an on demand threesome available anytime. I have a tight pussy and Showbunny size is just perfect. It has different vibrations making it more enjoyable. Best orgasm ever!!!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Wow, I just have to say the Showbunny is the best sex toy I have ever used. First time playing and it had me cumming in minutes. Other rabbits are poor in comparison. This is fully adjustable to me and anyone else that uses it. That is one of my favorite features about this toy, because throughout a women’s cycle we know how our cervix moves up and down so to be able to adjust the length throughout this is incredible. The vibrations are like none other moving through the whole dildo. My husband and I love to use it together. He ties me up and makes my whole body shake after he’s done using it on me! Don’t waste your money on any other vibrator or rabbit.

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